The [Beautiful] Holy Trinity of Youtube.


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"—outside. now that i am….. outside" :””D too precious for this world

i kept losing my train of thought!! never gonna film outside again :D

15 Day Video Challenge: #4 Most difficult experience(s)

Today I held the phone in my hand while filming this so it’s a bit shaky. Also, I’m outside woah what is this jesus take the wheel.

I have noticed that I ramble A LOT.

EDIT: Poistin vahingossa tosta lopusta pätkän jossa sanon “Now I’m gonna go back there and do ‘something’” (air quote somethingin kohdalla), siitä toi lopetus. :DD

“Come on, honey, this house is a fresh start for our family!” — White dads in horror stories (via start-missing-everybody)

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The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “we’ve always done it this way.”

"Come on, let’s mix it up!" The heart surgeon says.

"B-but we’ve always done it this way!" The other replies, "this is how you replace a heart valve."

"That’s the most dangerous phrase in the human language!" The first surgeon replies haughtily as he inputs a fruit loop into the patient’s heart. "This will be his valve. He will be a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios."

(taken from this post on the experiments of Harry Harlow)

This is serious business, because this is a large part of how sexism, racism, homophobia, rape culture, ethnocentrism, etc. continue to happen.

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Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

"What is that mysterious clicking noise…?"

Seriously though, not only are these points brilliant but we definitely need a Ctrl+F spell or device for books and stuff =)

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Dress by www.chotronette.com

Date dress!

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Making cosplay plans is great until you remember that you suck at sewing, painting, makeup, life…


"These advertisements address different types of issues, but they’re all about giving a voice to the voiceless. Most of us love animals, and yet we remain ignorant of or apathetic towards the abuse of domestic or circus animals or the extinction, poaching and over-harvesting of wild populations."

Powerful Animal Ads

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Every morning the light comes in and my toilet looks beautiful

holy shit

Please tell me that was an intentional pun

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One of these women is despised and hated for being awkward.

The other is applauded and worshipped for the exact same reason.

I know other factors come into play.

But something isn’t right there.

ones an extrovert and ones an introvert voila la différence

One had to portray a disaster of a character, one didn’t

Both were doing their jobs as actresses. One was better written.

^^^ this

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